BABTAC’s new T.I.M.E campaign helps consumers identify safe beauty services

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 27-Jan-2023

The consumer safety initiative outlines the necessary questions to ask when booking in a treatment to help protect against ‘botched’ jobs

The British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (BABTAC) has launched an initiative to help consumers identify safe beauty services and professionals.

The T.I.M.E campaign aims to educate consumers on the key things to ask about when booking beauty treatments – such as qualifications and insurance – to better protect themselves from ‘botched’ jobs. 

The framework outlines the necessary questions to ask when booking in a service to ensure consumers get the best and safest experience possible. 

The beauty industry is largely unregulated and someone without any training, qualifications, or insurance could claim to be a professional beauty therapist.

“This could lead to botched jobs and potentially dangerous complications,” said BABTAC.

But more than half (56%) of consumers currently believe the industry is regulated, found a survey by Beauty Backed Trust. 

What questions make up BABTAC’s T.I.M.E framework?

The T.I.M.E checklist reiterates the importance of understanding the potential risks and implications of opting for treatments with unqualified beauty therapists. 

The framework features four crucial questions for consumers to ask when doing their beauty treatment research.

  • Training – What training and qualifications, including continual professional development (CPD), do you and all your staff have?
  • Insurance – Are you insured and who by?
  • Monitoring – Do you carry out important pre- and post-appointment processes such as patch tests, consultations and after care?
  • Evidence – Can you provide certified proof of training and insurance and client testimonials?

“Lack of regulation in our industry means consumers are being exposed to potentially unsafe situations all too often, and so we have seen a wave of ‘botched’ beauty treatments in recent years as a result," said Lesley Blair, Chair of BABTAC. 

“This regulatory checklist aims to serve as a simple but effective reminder for consumers to help them choose evidence-based, professional fit-for-purpose services, while minimising any risk.”

T.I.M.E was announced at the Houses of Parliament and is supported by the likes of Caroline Hirons and Millie Kendall

T.I.M.E was announced at the Houses of Parliament and is supported by the likes of Caroline Hirons and Millie Kendall

Who is backing BABTAC’s T.I.M.E campaign?

The initiative was revealed at the Houses of Parliament on 26 January.

The event was endorsed by John McNally, Scottish National Party MP for Falkirk, and attended by Carolyn Harris, Deputy Leader for Welsh Labour and MP for Swansea East.

The campaign is also being supported by industry bodies, such as the British Beauty Council.

Millie Kendall, CEO of British Beauty Council, said: “It is worrying that such a high percentage of consumers are completely unaware that the beauty industry remains largely unregulated and demonstrates the need for a widespread education.”

Key beauty industry figures have also backed the campaign, including influencer Caroline Hirons, founder of skin care line Skin Rocks and the Beauty Backed Trust.

“The T.I.M.E initiative will help to elevate this valuable industry,” added Hirons.  

“While empowering consumers to understand how to safely identify trained professionals when choosing their treatments.”

Other beauty experts backing the framework include Candice Glanville, founder of Skin Group International, and Dija Ayodele, founder of the Black Skin Directory.  

Ayodele said: “The T.I.M.E initiative gives people the tools to ask their therapist or salon the right questions to make an informed decision before booking in.”

BABTAC is a beauty industry membership organisation and insurance provider.

The not-for-profit company aims to raise the level of professionalism in the beauty, hair, wellbeing and aesthetic industries. 

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