Assessing a job via remote interview

Published: 11-Jul-2023

Remote job interviews deprive you of the chance to meet the interviewer in person and look around the physical place where you might start work. However, you can still make a good assessment of the job’s suitability for you by following these steps

Conduct Thorough Research

Researching a company before you interview for them should be par for the course, but there should be more to it than just learning about their product line and history.

Analyse the language they use in adverts, and consider what you can learn about the company’s inclusivity and accessibility from how it presents itself. Also check out all their social media profiles and read any reviews you can find from customers or clients. Look for anything that can help you build up a picture of what it might be like to work for the company.

Prepare Your Questions

Every job interview provides the candidate with the opportunity to ask questions, so use this opportunity to gain more insight into the company. The answers you receive to your questions can be extremely valuable when deciding if the job is right for you. This is especially the case in a remote job interview.

So ask questions about the role and the company’s expectations, as well as the team you will work with. Ask about the typical work day, and what they consider to represent success. Also ask about development opportunities and the short and long term goals of the company.

Gauge the Work Culture

Use as many of the non-verbal clues during the remote job interview to try and gauge the work culture. For example, the interview might include a virtual tour of
the office which can give you insight into the working environment. Even without such a tour, look around at what else you can see during the interview.

Look for clues such as how formally the interviewer is dressed, and if the background features anything of interest. If the interviewer’s desk is in sight, then see what items are visible as they might give you some insight into the company work culture.

Assess the Interviewer

Remember to assess the interviewer as much as they are assessing you. This is especially important if the interviewer is the hiring manager and thus likely to be your boss.

Assess their communication skills, such as whether they get to the point quickly or have a tendency to waffle on a bit. Imagine working for this person, reporting to them and being instructed by them.

Post-Interview Reflection and Assessment

After the interview, it is time to reflect on your experience and think about how everything made you feel. Focus on whether you felt impressed by the company,
and excited to start working there, or if you felt any negative vibes during the interview.

If you are having multiple remote interviews, then make notes immediately after each one to ensure you retain an accurate memory of each interview experience.

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