Apothem introduces lower dose CBD drops for new users

By Becky Bargh | Published: 2-Dec-2020

The new 5% Day Drops are for new customers and regular uses who want to lower their dosage

Luxury CBD brand Apothem has made its range of products more inclusive with a lower dosage for new users.

Compared with the brand’s original 10% dosage Day Drops, the new 5% Day Drops (£30) have been developed for customers new to CBD products or regular users looking for a lower maintenance dose.

Formulated with organically-cultivated CBD, extracted from the hemp plant, the products are blended with MCT oil and are available in 10ml using 500mg CBD.

“Awareness of CBD has grown incredibly but there’s still a gap between the numbers of people that know about it and those that have actually tried it,” Apothem’s Head of New Product Development, Haley Fitzpatrick noted.

“Research suggests that more than 80% of the UK population are still yet to try CBD products and we know that for many people that there’s still some nervousness in first trying CBD, as it’s a relatively new, and sometimes misunderstood, category.”

She added: “All of our products are suitable for new users, but with Day 5% we wanted to try and close the gap and make a really accessible and effective product that people feel comfortable introducing into their everyday routine.”

The new product is available to shop via apothemlabs.com and selected retailers.

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