AntalGenics will present its new neurocosmetic ingredients a in-cosmetics Virtual 2020

Published: 28-Sep-2020

AntalGenics will launch its novel neurocosmetic ingredients at in-cosmetics Virtual 2020: Calmapsin, to reduce sensitive skin signs, and Capsisilence, to achieve a healthy scalp.

Our neurocosmetic ingredient, Calmapsin, is a novel molecule that emerges from the improvement of a natural compound. Calmapsin has a 360º effect over sensory neurons and skin cells.

With the 360º effect, Calmapsin® tackles the most frequent signs of sensitive skin and skin with atopic tendency.

Calmapsin antagonises the activity of sensory neurons in a dose-dependent manner, reducing inflammation and pruritogenic signalling, therefore, immediately relieving the itching sensation.

In addition, Calmapsin provides antioxidant activity protecting from oxidative stress, and synergistically improving skin barrier function.

Capsisilence has been developed to calm itchy scalp. Thanks to its double action over sensory neurons and immune cells, Capsisilence diminishes irritation and inflammation, leading to a reduction of scalp redness, desquamation and, therefore, dandruff reappearance.

Capsisilence calms itchy scalp by reducing the activity of the sensory neurons that are responsible for itchiness. Thus, it silences itch from its origin.

Capsisilence also decreases dandruff reappearance by reducing scalp flaking and desquamation. Additionally, Capsisilence helps to diminish inflammation and scalp redness by acting on immune cells that are the responsible for the initialisation of the inflammatory process.

The multiple properties of Calmapsin and Capsisilence allow simplicity in the formula composition due to the reduction in ingredients used in final product formulations.

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