AntalGenics will present its neurocosmetic ingredients at in-cosmetics Global 2023

Published: 22-Mar-2023

In recent years, neurocosmetic active ingredients have received special interest due to their potential use in diverse cosmetic applications and skin conditions. AntalGenics is a spin-off from the University Miguel Hernández in Spain, founded by experts in Sensory neurobiology

AntalGenics has developed two innovative neurocosmetic active ingredients that improve the properties of a natural ingredient: Calmapsin® to reduce sensitive skin signs and atopic tendency skin, and Capsisilence® to achieve a healthy scalp.

Calmapsin® has a 360° effect over neurons and skin cells. It modulates the activity of sensory neurons reducing the itching sensation. In addition, it provides antioxidant activity protecting from oxidative stress, and improve skin barrier function.

Capsisilence® calms itchy scalp by reducing the activity of the sensory neurons that are responsible for itchiness. It helps to diminish inflammation and scalp redness by acting on immune cells. In addition, Capsisilence® also decreases dandruff reappearance by reducing desquamation.

Capsisilense® has been included in the Skinification R&D Tour during the event, a good opportunity to discover the most interesting ingredients and technologies in the industry.

AntalGenics also provide services for innovative R&D projects. We offer support in every step of your projects. Our in silico services, screening platform and our expertise in dermal and neuronal processes, guarantee innovation in the development of your ingredients.

Visit us at in-cosmetics Global STAND AN70 to learn more about our neurocosmetic ingredients and how we can help you to develop your own ones.

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