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Alchemy Ingredients create easy-to-use, naturally-derived ingredients using safe, raw materials that provide a high performance alternative to synthetic products

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At Alchemy Ingredients we believe that it's possible to replace synthetic raw materials in cosmetic formulations, without compromise.

Based in the UK, our easy-to-use, naturally-derived blends are created using safe, raw materials and provide high-performance alternatives to synthetic products. Our range started with sugar chemistry, providing natural ways to thicken oil or water-based systems and has evolved to include unusual emulsion systems and gelling agents.  With a Gold EcoVadis rating and 90% of our entire product range either COSMOS approved or certified – we are proud of our sustainable approach to providing natural ingredients.

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New from Alchemy Ingredients


Alchemy Ingredients

A cold process emulsifier that creates luxurious, cream-gel textures. This easy to use powder provides an all-in-one solution for thickening and emulsification that is also highly compatible with a wide range of actives, including acids, electrolytes, enzymes and solvents.

100% naturally derived, it is based on Soapberry saponins which are extracted using only water to give a concentrated emulsifier with excellent stabilising properties. This, combined with natural gums, enables the creation of smooth and stable serums, lotions and creams with a luxuriously silky, silicone-like feel.

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Alchemy Ingredients

A 100% naturally derived bio-surfactant blend that can be used to boost foam and increase moisturisation of surfactant based products.

A collagen-lipid bio-surfactant complex, Sophocoll® creates a soft, creamy foam that acts as an effective cleanser – gently removing even waterproof make up without stripping the skin. This mild ingredient can be used on its own or combined with other surfactants to strengthen and moisturise both skin and hair – making it perfect for use in a wide range of applications from shampoo to micellar waters,  shower gels to face wash.

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Micromulse® Foam

Alchemy Ingredients

A natural alternative to synthetic foaming agents, this mild surfactant blend creates wonderful soft, foaming textures when combined with oil.

Based on amino acid surfactants, known for their mild and moisturising properties, Micromulse® Foam enables formulators to create transforming oil-to-foam textures suitable for sensitive skin. Perfect for use in facial skincare, haircare and body care formulations.

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Alchemy Ingredients

A 100% natural water thickener, Sclerothix® makes transparent, rich, smooth gels suitable for a variety of uses including suspending particles and thickening some surfactant systems. It can be used on its own or as part of an emulsion or surfactant formula.  Perfect for use in foaming products, facial skincare, body creams, haircare, masks, scrubs and serums.

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Alchemy Ingredients

Instathix® is a concentrated natural powder blend of emulsifiers, stabilisers and texture modifiers to make Oil-in-Gel emulsions with a small oil droplet size.

It can be used to make silky smooth serum textures, as well as richer, thicker creams and body butters.  Formulations are quick to design, fast to make and are reliably stable under all conditions.

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Find out how to use Instathix in our video below:

Microsol Natural

Alchemy Ingredients

A natural alternative to synthetic solubilisers, enabling the formulator to make crystal clear dispersions of essential oils and fragrance oils in water without the use of PEGs. Used at room temperature, this easy to use blend is a useful formulation tool.

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Watch our Technical Director, Caroline Recardo introduce one of our latest products Microsol Natural:

Latest News

On trend formulation ideas

Inspired by the continuous growth of the ‘skinification of hair’ and ‘skin barrier repair’ trends, our lab has created four new on-trend prototypes.

  • UV Hair Serum - A lightweight serum to protect against the harmful effects of UV on hair. View full formulation here
  • Rice Water Micellar Foam – A gentle micellar foam that effectively removes makeup and excess sebum from the skin in a unique, lightweight and airy foam format. View full formulation here
  • Foaming Coconut Scalp Scrub – A balm combines the benefits of exfoliating scrub with a refreshing and cleansing foam effect. View full formulation here
  • Barrier Repair Night Cream – A super rich and nourishing night cream designed to deeply hydrate the skin and improve the skin barrier overnight. View full formulation here

For more formulation inspiration click here where new ideas are added monthly.

New Faces

We’re delighted to welcome two new faces to the team this year. Alia Garcia has joined as a Technical Sales Executive to support our global network of distributors and work directly with our UK customers, and Iqra Hamid has joined as a Laboratory Technician where she will be involved in the development of new products and our popular prototype ideas.

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