Introducing Luxamul: The cold process, active-compatible emulsifier for luxurious textures

Published: 2-May-2024

Alchemy Ingredients proudly unveils Luxamul, a game changing cold process emulsifier designed to elevate the texture and performance of formulations, naturally

This easy-to-use powder offers an all-in-one solution for thickening and emulsification, while boasting compatibility with a diverse range of actives, including acids, electrolytes, enzymes, and solvents.

Derived entirely from natural sources, Luxamul® harnesses the power of Soapberry saponins, extracted using only water to yield a concentrated emulsifier with outstanding stabilising properties. This, coupled with natural gums, enables the creation of smooth and stable serums, lotions, and creams with a luxuriously silky, silicone-like feel.

Key features of Luxamul® :

  • Luxurious cream-gel textures: Create indulgent formulations with smooth, silky textures – without using heat or synthetic ingredients.
  • Exceptional compatibility: Works seamlessly with a variety of actives, ensuring stability and efficacy in every formulation.
  • 100% naturally derived: Derived from Soapberry saponins and natural gums, Luxamul® offers a natural, sustainable solution for premium formulations.
  • Versatile, mild and moisturising: Proven to provide lasting hydration, this mild ingredient is suitable for use in creams, lotions, face and body washes, baby products and hair wash applications.

‘At Alchemy Ingredients, we’re dedicated to making formulators lives easier through the creation of natural, easy-to-use ingredients’, said Caroline Recardo,Technical Director. ‘With Luxamul®, we have created a high-performance, low use level emulsifier that not only delivers exceptional textures but also offers superior compatibility with a wide range of actives - which we know can be problematic!’.

Providing a natural solution, Luxamul® compliments the existing range of oil gelling, emulsifying, thickening and surfactant solutions offered by Alchemy Ingredients – all designed to simplify the formulating process. For more information contact or find your local distributor at

Based in the UK, Alchemy Ingredients creates easy-to-use, naturally-derived ingredients using safe, raw materials that provide a high performance alternative to synthetic products.

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