A 360 degree evaluation for skin radiance

Published: 2-Nov-2016

Dermscan has developed an innovative sensory approach for a better definition of skin radiance.

Ageing, pollution, stress, tiredness, cigarette and nutrition are known parameters impacting on skin complexion.

Description of skin radiance is very complex and until now, no single device can replace human’s eyes!

Dermscan offers a 360° sensory approach to accurately describe the evolution of the skin complexion during a treatment (cream, food supplement...)

Our trained and certified panelists analyse skin radiance thanks to 12 items divided into 3 categories:

  • Colour: redness / pink / beige / olive / dark circle / rosacea
  • Texture/state: wrinkles / eye bags / fineness of skin texture
  • Global complexion: radiance / transparency / uniformity

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