"A milestone in our expanding journey" - Provital USA

Published: 11-Sep-2023

Provital are glad to inform you that, as part of their strategic plan to expand their global presence, they, at Provital, are thrilled to announce the launch of their new subsidiary, Provital USA, serving the United States and Canadian markets under the tagline that encapsulates their very essence: "Do Care"

With a focus on customer-centricity and sustainability, they have carved a niche for themselves in the global market. Currently, 85% of their total revenue comes from exports to approximately 90 countries, and they operate through 46 distributors and 6 commercial subsidiaries. They have established a strong presence in key markets such as Brazil, China, France, Poland, Germany, and more. Their aim now is to cater to the evolving needs of North American consumers while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and product innovation.

Their new subsidiary, Provital USA, embodies their core values of caring for people, communities, and the planet, as well as their know-how in the sector: For over 44 years, they have been committed to delivering natural active ingredients for skin and hair care solutions that promote well-being and sustainability. They now get to do that directly through Provital USA!

"Remaining true to our values and commitment to product excellence, we are excited to introduce Provital USA to the world. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, as we strive to bring our caring ethos and natural active ingredients directly to customers across the United States and Canada." - Ricard Armengol, Provital CEO

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