Zein Test finds the irritant potential of a surfactant

Published: 2-Sep-2016

Following the success of a Zein test* lately performed for one of our customer, a little presentation of this new in vitro test is a must.

The Zein test enables to determine the irritation potential (harshness) of a surfactant-based product (shower gel, shampoo, soap, washing-up liquid, etc.). It consists in making soluble a yellow corn protein that is similar to the keratin present in the skin and hair.

The irritation potential of the product is directly proportional to the quantity of dissolved proteins. This experimentation is validated thanks to the systematic implementation of a positive control (Cocamidopropyl betaine) and a negative control (deionized water).

For more information, please contact: commercial@dermscan.com

*Test conducted in the in vitro pre-clinical trials laboratory of Dermscan Group: Palmer Research located in Gdansk – Poland.

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