Unlock the secret of harem beauty with crocus chrysanthus flower

Published: 6-Jul-2023

Harem women refer to the women who lived in the Harem, a secluded part of a palace or household in the Ottoman Empire. These women played significant roles in the social and cultural fabric of their time and continue to captivate our imagination today

They lived in a separate section of the palace, away from the public eye, and followed a unique set of traditions, customs, and beauty rituals.

Get ready to step into the world of Harem Beauty and unlock the timeless allure

The smoothness and glow of their skin has been a legend in the beauty community. The secret to their beauty was their special traditions and rituals. One intriguing aspect of Harem women's beauty rituals is their use of the Crocus Chrysanthus flower.

Historical records suggest that Harem women utilised Crocus water as a tonic and created Crocus masks to achieve a healthy and radiant complexion. This flower, with its magical properties, became a cherished secret of Harem beauty.

The timeless beauty of Harem women and their use of the Crocus Chrysanthus flower continue to inspire individuals to embrace their own beauty rituals. Drawing inspiration from the beauty rituals of Harem women, Cosmed Cosmeceuticals proudly presents a groundbreaking line of skin care, hair care and body-care products enriched with the extraordinary Crocus Chrysanthus flower.

By harnessing its powers, we offer our customers an opportunity to experience the timeless elegance and allure that inspired generations of women." said Deren Öztürk Mataracı, CEO, Founder of Cosmed Cosmeceuticals. "Our commitment to unlocking the secret of Harem beauty has led us to the extraordinary Crocus Chrysanthus flower.”

For over 13 years, our brand has been devoted to harnessing the magical properties of this remarkable flower, positioning it as the hero ingredient in all our formulations. We invite everyone to experience the enchantment of Harem beauty and unlock the potential of this remarkable flower through our innovative skin care, hair care and body-care collection.

Embrace the enchantment of the Harem and unlock the secret to luminous, healthy skin with Cosmed Cosmeceuticals. For more information about the brand and its extraordinary skin care products, please visit www.cosmed.com

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