Turnkey Solutions by Aptar, a new integrated service, from formulation to packaging

Published: 1-Mar-2024

Aptar Beauty announces the launch of its new integrated service: Turnkey Solutions by Aptar

With this offering deployed in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the global leader in dispensing systems supports beauty brands from product design – including advanced formulation – to launch. It also offers the first, ready-to-use collection, called New Dawn, for even more efficient marketing.

End-to-end Solutions Supported by Dedicated Experts

With Turnkey Solutions, Aptar Beauty anchors its activity in the field of co-development. The company supports brands in transforming their ideas into concrete products that offer real benefit to their customers.

With the launch of Turnkey Solutions, Aptar Beauty adds new options to its filling and distribution expertise:

  • Advanced formulations, supported by a state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory and network of partners
  •  Qualitative packaging
  • The result is a complete solution that meets brands’ expectations in terms of innovation, speed and technical support, at all stages of product development.

“Our clients were asking us to expand our value proposition to include formula expertise. With Turnkey Solutions, we are now able to offer a complete beauty service for brands of all types and sizes,”

Explains Benoit Mirandel, Director of Turnkey Solutions.

A Team of Professionals Located near Paris

Turnkey Solutions benefits from the agility and speed of a start-up, backed up by the industrial resources of an established group.

Marketing Manager Savéria Guelfucci describes the new division: “We are a dynamic collective of disruptors and brand accelerators, specializing in every aspect of product development – from formulation and packaging, to regulatory and fulfilment. As part of the Aptar family, we have the know-how, industrial capacity and infrastructure of a multinational beauty company, but we also identify with the out-of-the-box thinking of young indie brands.”

The service draws on the experience and know-how of Fusion Beauty Lab, an internal laboratory located in New Jersey in the United States. It will share its expertise and resources with the team in Paris, to offer solutions that match Aptar’s qualitative packaging with advanced formulations, for an enhanced customer experience.

One Service for All: From Indie Brands to Large Groups

The world of skincare and cosmetics is changing, driven by new generations of creators and ever more demanding customers. The issues of scientific approaches, sustainability, traceability and safety are real challenges which, in order to be met, require industrial resources, ecosystems and expertise. This is the purpose of Turnkey Solutions, which is aimed at beauty start-ups and indie brands, as well as private label companies and large groups already well-established in the market.

Sustainability: The Cornerstone of Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions integrates Aptar’s constant progress in sustainability. The packaging on offer is designed to reduce environmental impact, favoring eco-responsible options such as PCR materials (post-consumer recycled plastic), metal-free pumps or refill formats. Aptar’s processes, too, consider the circular economy, with measures to reduce carbon emissions and overall impact.

New Dawn: a First Collection of Ready-to-Use Solutions

While Turnkey Solutions offers a tailor-made service to clients, a ready-to-use range has been developed to further accelerate time to market.

The New Dawn collection brings together products adapted to the needs of the most popular segments, with new textures and gestures for a complete sensorial experience.

New Dawn products are manufactured in France and meet with responsible beauty standards, being cruelty-free, vegan and based predominantly on natural ingredients. They are paired with premium packaging designed to enhance the quality of the customer experience.

The challenge for brands, whether they are young start-ups or historic beauty houses, has always been to meet the expectations of their customers. Turnkey Solutions provides a range of services adapted to changing demands, in terms of responsiveness, innovation and eco-responsibility, as well as efficiency and quality.

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