The wildly minimalistic ‘AIVA’ is changing client's lives


AIVA aims to bring luxurious self-care with minimal stress

AIVA was developed with a need and purpose: Throughout Jonna Jalkanen career working with and within premium brands such as Dior, Givenchy, Elle and founder [Sophie la Girafe] of Girafe Baby, AIVA’s founder was set with a vision to create a premium, fuss-free natural skincare range for adults too.

With the rise of eastern beauty whereby 10 products are used within a single routine, customers started to ask the question “What does the tenth product do that the previous nine couldn’t?”

“Of course our customers are educated within the beauty market and they understand that 10 products may not be necessary for a single routine. They are also super smart and thoughtful and above all else, want to make sure they are getting high performance and great value” , says Jonna.

Especially in the post-pandemic world, many brands are starting to become and feel superficial and distant. Their values have changed and now want a beauty product that reflects the way they feel: smart, capable, thoughtful, kind, deep and profound.

The wildly minimalistic ‘AIVA’ is changing client's lives

A comprehensive skincare routine for some where time is limited in a modern world simply may take more time and energy than one is prepared to give. Even the products themselves may involve a complex routine, harsh cleaners or abrasive exfoliators. For example, is it realistic to expect a hard working mother to prepare a six product routine when she is needed to attend to the needs of her children?

“I know we can manage with less. It's all about what, how to use – and especially what not to use. Respecting both our skins and clients' needs – they are both naturally smart.”

And then AIVA was born!

The AIVA Minimalism

At AIVA 1+1 =10. Launching with two iconic skincare products that work in tandem:
The Cream + The Oil.

AIVA aims to bring luxurious self-care with minimal stress.
These two awarded products combined create 10+ different uses!

The wildly minimalistic ‘AIVA’ is changing client's lives

“Well, this multi-tasking duo offers so much, however the true performance is down to our clients. How they wish to use it – but with that being said, they can handle all their skin care needs and demands with ‘wildly minimalistic’ with AIVA. Our best seller ‘The Duo’ including  both The Cream and The Oil, is an oil cleanser, deep hydrator, booster for any natural or organic cream or mask, facial mask, facial oil, body ritual, massage oil, bath oil, body oil, face cream, hand & body cream, and much more - a dream team."

It’s sustainable, it saves time and it celebrates inner beauty and life

AIVA was created to offer a better, fuss-free, easy choice but without compromising performance, feel, efficiency and application. The products are aimed at time-strapped people, travellers, vegans and for those overwhelmed by too many skincare products.

We wanted to offer a truly sustainable choice for the ones who wish to support our nature concretely.

“It was crucial that AIVA is extremely minimalistic: as I think a wide selection of products even with a dash of sustainability in packaging is just not enough. Our world just cannot handle the consumption at the current level. Nonessential mass for the masses is not an option. Multi-use products are the future, and it's here now with AIVA..”

Using less not only saves money and time but also the environment.

“To me the only real luxury in today's world is time. Time is limited. It's also one of the most equal and relatable things in the world: it does not care too much about our gender, hair or skin colour, or our status. Many of us would do anything to get more if we could? And yet us women spend hours daily being insecure? At AIVA we say f**k anti-age, f**k pro-age –as in my opinion we should not talk about changing or correcting age when selling skincare. As for me, the time we get is a gift. It should be celebrated instead.
In my opinion, the Cosmetics industry is partly to blame: For us women especially, we are presented still in the year 2023 as pretty plastic faces with something to fix and correct. Beauty is mostly a woman's industry, and we can absolutely do better. I am surrounded only by smart, capable, strong and fearless women - so I know this! AIVA pays attention to kind hearts and if something must be sexy, it should be our brains. Our courage. Our strong bodies giving us so much. AIVA Is an ode for each new morning”, Jonna says.

“To me the most interesting part of us humans is the story we tell. Our life lived, our experiences, our growth and smart, witty character that makes us unique and humane. Science also highly emphasises that beauty really comes from within. This also applies to skincare. The best things come from within, she continues.

AIVA is changing skin care with its wildly minimalist and encouraging approach. Better still - it works!

Clinically proven for all skin types and ages.

This is the AIVA minimalism

What is the trick to get the best results? You have to know and respect your own skin.

“It's no wonder even our clients who have been in the industry for decades, who have used the best and most expensive creams, comment that when using ‘AIVA Minimalism’ it´s the first time in their adult lives their skin hasn’t felt too dry or tight.

It seems that we are doing something right. Our formulations are not only offering great results but also suitable for all skin types, genders, even for most sensitive skins, dermatologically proven.

We are an Ecocert COSMOS - eco-certified and vegan. With zero added perfume. Zero waste. We also see ourselves as a responsible natural skincare brand. We do not blindly declare all natural being safe and healthy to us. Nature is the source of the best poisons, too. It's all about quality and knowing your ingredients”, she continues.

And the quality seems to work. For example ‘AIVA The Cream’ was chosen among the best day creams in the world by the French Marie Claire magazine. The Cream also got full 100/100 points at French Yuka-app, which analyses the healthiness of food and cosmetics.

The wildly minimalistic ‘AIVA’ is changing client's lives

Beauty from within

To underline the inner and external beauty connection philosophy, AIVA launched The Skin Capsule in 2023. The Skin Capsule is a vegan, plant-based Borealis Beauty skin supplement capsule that includes Wild Bilberry, Pine Bark and Vitamins to offer real effects and EU health claim benefits to promote normal collagen formation, normal skin function, contributes to keeping the skin normal, promotes the protection of cells from oxidative stress and maintenance of normal mucous membrane.

The Secret

“What's the secret of our clients loving the brand and products, even though our story is just very much in the beginning?

We think the secret ingredient is always love. Self-acceptance and love are crucial.

We at AIVA openly communicate we are just enough, and that self-love and happiness are the most deeply impactful things you can offer to your skin. I don't think any serum can do that – so we do not launch serums. Best things always come from within."

AIVA packaging is red. Not just to stand out from the growth in a highly competitive industry, but to remind us about passion and love, and that deep inside we are all one. About AIVA´s philosophy of true equality.

“The source and force of life flows equally in us. Inside we are all red.”

What's not to love?

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