The Skin Microbiome: Classification, analysis and claim support

Published: 3-May-2022

The bacterial colonisation of the skin has been the focus of much attention in recent years. Cosmetic manufacturers are particularly interested in whether and how their products affect the microbiome

Cosmetics should keep the skin in good condition, which also means keeping the skin microbiome in good condition, or bringing it into good condition.

We explain how the skin microbiome can non-invasively be quantified and how gene sequencing can be used to determine all bacteria on a skin area simultaneously. Important questions such as: What is a healthy skin microbiome and what microbiome claims are valid in the cosmetic field, will be discussed and more....

  • Probiotic, Prebiotic, Postbiotic
  • New improved sequencing methods
  • Study parameters and designs
  • Results of own studies

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