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The new normal: Beauty sampling in a post Covid-19 world

Published: 19-Jun-2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest global driver of change in our lifetime, resulting in an evolution of consumer behaviours and attitudes, which in turn will force the health and beauty industry to adapt.

At Design Plus it’s our mission to stay at the forefront of change and lead the way for brands and customers. Already, we’re asking ourselves, what is the new normal? Understanding how we can help our customers cater for a new demand and how we can satisfy the needs of post Covid-19 consumers is key.

Gone are the days in which we could walk over to a beauty counter and trial personal care products, blissfully unaware of the potential cross contamination.

As hygiene and cleanliness become top priorities for consumers, smart sampling tools will be a must. Touch free beauty concepts and tools that reduce the risk of pollution and the spread of germs will gain popularity.

Ultimately as an industry we all face challenges ahead. However, at Design Plus we are confident that we have a hygienic and convenient solution for testing health and beauty products, helping both brands and consumers adapt to a post Covid-19 world.

The new normal: Beauty sampling in a post Covid-19 world

As the UK’s leading contract manufacturer of bespoke sachets, we pride ourselves on our flexibility, resilience and creativity. Offering a number of sampling options, which are quick to produce, easy to distribute and limit waste, sachets are the ideal choice for health-conscious consumers.

We fill over 100 million sachets each year because of the many benefits to our customers. Design Plus can fill liquids, powders and capsules into sachets, and produce bespoke shapes and sizes to meet your exact brand requirements.

Although it’s certain that the beauty industry and the way in which products are retailed will change, it’s important that we collectively continue to meet the demands of the consumer.

If product sampling is key to your business strategy and growth, then please get in touch with our sales team to discuss how Design Plus can facilitate and support your requirements.

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