T-LAB Professional creates personalised haircare approach

Published: 10-Mar-2020

You should choose your shampoos and conditioners as a “prescription” right for your hair needs. And while it’s super great to use matching hair products, it turns out that mixing them up can actually benefit your hair

Nobody's hair is just one thing. For example, along with straight, wavy, curly or frizzy, one can have fine, thick hair, coarse thinning hair, normal average hair, thick coarse hair, and so on.

Here’s how to make the perfect personalised cocktail of T-LAB Professional products for your hair type to respond to hair / scalp concerns you may have at the time, when choosing hair care routine.

If you just bleached your hair, we suggest washing your hair with Blond Ambition Shampoo , it will give them a natural blond look, after apply Colour Protect Conditioner to lock the colour in.

If you want to blow your hair sleek and straight, but still want to add a lift at the root, choose Natural Lifting Duo Shampoo and a smoothing Aura Oil Duo Treatment formula for the length.

Choosing products tailored to your concern would be most beneficial.

Other than the hair type, you should also take the scalp into consideration. If you have itchy or oily scalp, but long hair which needs special ProAge treatment - start with Royal Detox Duo Shampoo, follow up with Sapphire Energy Duo Treatment.

Also remember that our hair texture changes, as seasons change. So the products that work for you today likely won't in a year or two. Hair texture can change throughout your life for many reasons.

Take control of your hair care by creating your Personal Beauty Composition by T-LAB Professional.

If you would like to become T-LAB Professional Partner in your country, please contact us at tlab@vtholding.com.

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