Spotlight on a novel source of vitality for deficient skin

Published: 17-Oct-2023

The regulating power of the rhizosphere

Microorganisms regulate the development of a plant throughout its life cycle. Indeed, an immense bacterial diversity is to be found primarily in the root environment called the rhizosphere. In this principal site of exchanges, beneficial effects on the growth and health of plants are conferred particularly by “Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR)” that include bacteria of the genus Sphingomonas who colonise the rhizosphere and play a complex and crucial role in the longevity of their host.

Ginseng is known to impose many modifications and deficiencies on its environment, impacting the availability of nutrients, such as nitrogen. To survive in this hostile environment, the bacterium Sphingomonas panaciterrae present in the rhizosphere of ginseng, deploys protective mechanisms in the form of Exopolysaccharides (EPS) of the sphingan type. These bio-protective and bio-stimulating properties it garners for itself and its host, grant it a tremendous "vitality capital".

The alliance of multiple expertise: transcriptomics, bioguiding, and enzyme engineering

Based on solid science and expertise, using transcriptomics and an unprecedented modelling study, SILAB has established the gene mapping of skin subjected to either nutritional deficiency (growth factor depletion) or physiological deficiency (ageing). Identifying the "vitality signature" of deficient, young, or mature skin showed that metabolic and protective pathways were compromised.

In effect, SILAB developed a biotechnological process for controlled nitrogen deficiency applied to Sphingomonas panaciterrae. This novel bio-inspired process made it possible to double the production of EPS compared to a non-deficient culture. Coupled with a specific enzymatic hydrolysis, this distinctive approach obtains an active ingredient composed of oligosphingans of interest, capable of improving the metabolism of skin lacking vitality.

The REVILIENCE® active ingredient is the result of the development of this unique biotechnology process of bioguiding.

Rediscovered “vitality capital”

By reactivating the biological pathways of deficient skin, REVILIENCE® restores the skin's "vitality signature". The cellular metabolism is thus stimulated, and the quality of the cutaneous barrier reinforced. Tested at 2.5% on young and mature volunteers, the active ingredient enhances the radiance of the complexion and improves hydration as of 7 days of application.

REVILIENCE® is a patented natural active ingredient, recommended in all treatments for skin lacking vitality at a dose of 0.5 to 2.5%. Available in aqueous solution, it is easy to formulate. It complies with biodiversity regulations, international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, China, Japan, and more) and displays a natural content of 98.8% (ISO 16128).

With its rapid action, REVILIENCE® is recommended in all vitalising care products for deficient skin.

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