Sisterna presents new make-up textures

Published: 20-Apr-2017

Sisterna introduces 3 new make-up formulation ideas with sucrose esters

Velvet natural lipstick

The lipstick has a nice creamy skin-feel, a good colour pay off and is moisturising for the lips. As lipidic phase modifier, the special grade Sisterna A10E-C, influences the rheological and sensorial properties of oils and natural butters and helps preventing blooming and sweating.

Natural cream-to-powder blush

The soft texture glides on smoothly and blends to a light powdery effect leaving a dewy finish. This product also features Sisterna A10E-C which increases consistency of the product and improves the sensorial properties by reducing the greasy and sticky sensation of oils. The final effect perceived is a silky and dry feel.

Natural Fluid foundation (O/W)

The natural fluid foundation with Sisterna sucrose ester emulsifiers has a soft and creamy texture that conceals imperfections while leaving a non-cakey, flawless finish. 

Besides excellent O/W emulsification, Sisterna sucrose esters provide a superb and light skin-feel.

Sisterna sucrose esters are a unique range of natural and edible emulsifiers with an exceptional performance and mildness. Furthermore, they improve smoothness, emolliency and moisture level of the skin. A wide range of products (HLB 0-16) opens opportunities to use sucrose esters in any kind of cosmetic application.

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