Silab further improves its EcoVadis score

Published: 25-Aug-2022

The EcoVadis ratings platform has again recognised Silab’s CSR policy by awarding it Gold status

Year after year, Silab strengthens its commitment to CSR. This investment is particularly reflected in a constant improvement in the company’s EcoVadis score. In 2022, Silab scored 74/100 (compared to 73/100 in 2021 and 2020 and 69/100 in 2019) and achieved “advanced” performance level for the first time in all the areas evaluated (Environment, Social and Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Procurement).

This result puts Silab in the top 2% of companies best rated by EcoVadis.

Xavier Gaillard, Deputy general manager for strategy at Silab, stated: “We are pleased to receive this new rating while remaining aware that there’s still room for improvement”.

“This new score well and truly illustrates the proactive, sustainable CSR strategy implemented by SILAB and is a reflection of a common commitment shared by management and all teams, of which we can be proud. Unfortunately, this improved score does not enable us to maintain the Platinum status obtained the two years before”.

“EcoVadis has since tightened its requirements and the minimum score for this category is now 75/100. The levers for optimisation have been clearly identified and we intend to pursue our involvement in a continuous improvement dynamic particularly in the context of our Actively Caring program, which sets clear and ambitious objectives for sustainable development over the next five years.”

Details of this program and the annual report on the company's actions (towards sustainable strategy, development of human potential, responsible sourcing, preserved environment and support of communities) can be found on its website.

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