Revolutionising the beauty industry: Naolys’ biotechnology and the future of plant cell innovations

Published: 19-Sep-2023

In recent years, the beauty and cosmetics industry have witnessed a remarkable transformation, primarily driven by significant advancements in biotechnology, particularly within the realm of plant cell technology

Sustainable Sourcing of Active Ingredients

In an era where environmental consciousness is steadily growing, the beauty industry faces heightened scrutiny regarding its ecological footprint. Plant cell biotechnology has emerged as a transformative force. By tapping into the potential of plant cells, we can significantly reduce the need for resource-intensive agriculture, diminish carbon footprints, and curtail waste.

Pioneering Pure and Potent Ingredients

One pivotal aspect in this industry's evolution lies in the ability to deliver cosmetic ingredients that are not only exceptionally pure but also highly concentrated and inherently healthy. This emphasis on health-conscious solutions aligns seamlessly with the escalating consumer demand for natural and sustainable beauty products. Naolys' dedication to harnessing the power of plants to create potent and effective ingredients, which are exceptionally pure, sterile, and free from preservatives, thickeners, or any additional chemicals, exemplifies this commitment.

Whole Active Plant Cells: A Rich Cocktail

Unlike conventional extracts, which typically draw from various parts of the plant, this approach relies on entire active plant cells. A single sample from the plant can yield an abundance of these cells. For over two decades, Naolys has held the patent for whole active plant cells. These, whole, active plant cells exclusively contain the compounds and components that the plant would naturally produce. These molecules have consistently demonstrated their full assimilability by the skin, as confirmed through rigorous efficacy and safety testing.

Pushing Boundaries: The Rise of Customisation

Consumer demand for personalised skincare and cosmetics continues to soar. Naolys’ biotechnology empowers brands to create tailor-made, unique, plant cells that precisely align with their unique objectives. With a profound understanding of plant cells, Naolys' extensive catalogue, featuring over 70 exclusive native plant cells, can be customised to serve as active ingredients, effectively targeting specific skin concerns. This approach not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to minimising product wastage, aligning perfectly with sustainability goals.

Together, we have the capacity to harness the immense power of biotechnology, surpassing consumer expectations, all while safeguarding our planet and upholding unwavering ethical principles. Come join the dialogue, explore new horizons, and collectively drive the biotechnology revolution forward with Naolys.

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