Perfect Corp helps consumers understand their skin with diagnostic app

By Austyn King | Published: 28-Sep-2020

The Skin Diagnostic Solution awards users a 'skin score' based on conditions such as oiliness, redness, spots and wrinkles and provides personalised product recommendations

Perfect Corp, the beauty tech company, is helping consumers to better understand their skin care needs with the launch of its AI Skin Diagnostic Solution.

The latest iteration of the company's YouCam Skin Score app, the service allows users to take a selfie and analyse the condition of their skin based on factors including moisture, oiliness, redness, acne, spots, wrinkles, texture and dark circles, awarding an overall 'skin score' as well as personalised skin care product recommendations.

Meanwhile, beauty brands can also integrate the tool on their websites, apps or in-store solutions to help them further connect with consumers, build brand loyalty and drive sales.

Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp, said: “The clinical nature of skin care requires a diagnostic approach that is personalised for every face.

“Our AI Skin Diagnostic solution offers customers individual, knowledge-based beauty routines that cater to their specific and unique needs.”

Developed using over 70,000 clinical images, an AI machine-learning algorithm and the company's patented AgileFace technology, the app is said to be verified by dermatologists to deliver accurate skin assessment for all skin types and ethnicities, according to Perfect Corp.

Chang added: “Beauty shoppers can be more conscious and confident in their skin care choices to find the products that work for them, saving them time and money.”

Today, Perfect Corp offers a range of AI and AR powered beauty solutions including virtual try-ons, live streaming services and more, and has partnered with a number of brands including Estée Lauder, FYFE Beauty, Make Up For Ever and Stila Cosmetics.

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