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P2 Science is a leader in green chemistry - creating high-performance, clean ingredient solutions for the beauty and personal care industry. Citropol® is P2's signature line of sustainable, high-performing liquid polymers, which imparts multi-functional benefits to hair, skin, fragrance, and color cosmetics, and is derived from the natural oil of pine trees.

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About P2 Science

Founded in 2009, P2 Science was started by two scientists from Yale University, who were disheartened by the widespread use of non-sustainable, synthetic compounds found in everyday use. P2 Science started with a simple vision — develop high performance, innovative ingredients that align with planetary health.

Holding to the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, over the past 14 years, P2 Science has become a global leader in bringing naturally derived, sustainable ingredients to market; partnering with brands and manufacturers in 25 countries.

P2’s first-of-kind PICE™ and PIOz™ technologies open possibilities in personal care, cosmetics, and beyond. Learn more at p2science.com/technology/.

P2 Science

Explore our foundational offerings in personal care and cosmetics in the Citropol® Series, or explore our recommendations for haircare, skincare, and color cosmetics applications.

P2 Science

Explore the possibilities and see our ingredients in formulation. Explore by application or by product at p2science.com/formulary/.

P2 Science

Meet the team and read more about our story, mission, and progress over the years by visiting p2science.com/about-us/. Stay in the know by following us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter!

P2 Science

Got questions? Contact us at inquiries@p2science.com. Interested in talking to a sales representative? Reach out at sales@p2science.com.

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