Obelis Group includes food supplements among its key consultancy services

Published: 5-Jan-2021

The new move is to help manufacturers to register their food supplements in Europe

In Europe, Food Supplements are defined as foodstuff which are concentrated sources of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect.

They are usually marketed in a “dose” form (e.g. pills, tablets, capsules, liquids in measured doses) to be included in the normal diet.

Due to the complexity of the applicable legislative framework in Europe, guidance of professional regulatory advice is crucial for manufacturers who wish to place their products on the European market.

Registration of Food Supplements in Europe in 8 working days

Obelis has put in place a professional Food Supplement Consultancy services in order to address such complexities and provide the following steps to compliance:

  • Formula check of the products, identifying restricted and banned ingredients at both a European and national level
  • Assessment of the necessary documentation for your type of product
  • Review and proposition of strategies to compile a complete Food Supplements Information File
  • Compliance check of labels and packaging towards both EU and national requirements
  • Submission of the pre-market authorization at a national level.

The main services provided by Obelis include:

  • Classification and identification of correct legislation
  • FSIF compilation
  • Formulation and claim assessment
  • Labelling revision and translation
  • Pre-market registration
  • Consultancy and regulatory updates
  • Trade mark submission.

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