Zoella adds new products to Superdrug range

Published: 22-Jul-2015

YouTube star Zoe Sugg expands sell out beauty collection

Zoe Sugg's new Tutti Fruity range of beauty products looks set to sell as well as her record-breaking original line.

When the new additions to the range were added to the Superdrug.com website, hundreds of products were sold overnight with a huge surge in visitor numbers. Superdrug said that as many as 25% of visitors during this time clicked straight on the Zoella brand page.

Superdrug has stated that it plans to stock the Zoella range, including her new products, in all of its stores. The store says this makes the Zoella range one of the biggest beauty brands in the UK. Simon Comins, Buying Director at Superdrug, said: "The first Zoella range was successful but this new collection has taken her to the next level. This isn't a one off range from a beauty blogger, but a truly excellent collection from a brand which is trusted by her teenage fan base. Zoe has built up an enormous fan base who trust her implicitly, they know that she wouldn't design a product she wouldn't want to use herself."

The new Tutti Fruity line includes: Let's Spritz (£8), Fresh Fizz Bar (£5), Scrubbing Me Softly (£7), Foam Sweet Foam (£3.50), Candy Cream (£5), Kissy Missy (£3) and a coin purse (£6). The best selling new item so far is the Let's Spritz spray.

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