You are too individual for standard, and so is your hair


Yours Truly offers handcrafted and personalised haircare products, perfectly matched to your hair’s desires and cravings

Moisture, Volume, Anti-Frizz and UV Protection all in one product? One size fits no one - your hair is distinctive, and your hair care should be as well! Yours Truly offers handcrafted and personalised haircare products, perfectly matched to your hair’s desires and cravings. The personalisation of Yours Truly® hair care also offers a revolutionary new way of haircare service for salons.

A glimpse into the future of professional hair care. A perfect hair cut to match the shape of the face, an individual hair colour to match the skin complexion, and now a personalised hair care to match the unique hair canvas. Yours Truly was created with hairdressers for hairdressers. The art of personalisation can be experienced directly on site at the salon and is available to order for shipment directly to the customer’s home.

How is it possible to create a product that fulfils all the hair needs? The answer is easy: An online questionnaire and an intelligent algorithm.

At Yours Truly customers can luxuriate in a personal one-on-one video consultation with a Yours Truly® hair care expert. Together they go through a questionnaire aimed at accessing the customer’s hair condition and desires to create a unique hair profile. Customers can also go through the questionnaire by themselves without an assisted consultation. It only takes a few minutes.

The algorithm then calculates the right ingredients as well as dosing to deliver an individual formula with unique set of active components tailored for each customer.

Yours Truly is formulated with carefully selected ingredients and actives to ensure that the products are safe for hair, skin, body, and the environment. Every product is hand-made in our Yours Truly lab in Seeheim-Jugenheim, Germany.

The ingredients are up to 100% natural origin according to ISO (dependent on final formulation). Yours Truly® gives full transparency into which ingredients are used in the formulas and what they do. It is the perfect balance between clean beauty products and great performance.

Current product portfolio features fully personalised Shampoo and Conditioner, and fragrance matched Body Wash Milk, Hair & Body Oil and Heir Perfume. Should you wish to go neutral, all products (except Hair Perfume) are also offered with no added fragrance.

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