Yardley London shares top beauty hacks

Published: 1-Apr-2020

With more people working from home, Yardley Shares some of their beauty hacks to get you through with limited supplies

Below are 4 beauty hacks that fragrance brand Yardley London has accumulated to get you through with limited household supplies.

1. Did you know you can use your talcum powder as dry shampoo?

2. Running low on hand cream? You can use body lotion for your hands too!

3.Until you need to use your soaps, pop them in your clothes drawer / airing cupboard to make your clothes smell fabulous!

4. If you're running low on hand sanitiser or hand cream, you can spritz your hands with your Yardley Fragrance Mist. It's made with a 75% vegetable alcohol base, with moisturising ingredients - no more dry hands!

Remember, washing your hands with soap and warm water is always the best option when possible.

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