Why has the social media influencer bubble not burst yet?

Published: 13-Jan-2020

As the line between celebrity and influencer blurs, the future of digital content creation continues to keep industry guessing

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Lucy Loveridge

Lucy Loveridge

The rise of the influencer has been a game-changing phenomenon in the beauty industry.

For a business that relied on celebrity and expert endorsement so heavily, the dawn of social media influencers signalled new territory that posed a challenge for brand owners who were used to being the ones largely in control of the messaging that reached consumers, beyond traditional media outlets.

Fast forward to today and the influencer market is going from strength to strength. But what does the future have in store for this dynamic industry?

In association with CEW UK, here Lucy Loveridge, Global Head of Talent at online talent agency Gleam Futures, which famously 'launched' Zoella, talks to Cosmetics Business about her predictions for the influencer market.

How did you get involved with influencers and content creation? 

I met Dominic, our CEO, in 2012 at an event and we got talking. I’d recently moved to London for a new role in retail advertising, but Dom quickly convinced me that the digital talent landscape was far more exciting! He wasn’t wrong.

I’d written a small blog for some years and whilst I barely kept it up to date, it meant I was fairly in tune with the ‘influencer’ landscape at the time.

What are your main responsibilities at Gleam Futures? 

I head up our talent management division

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