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White Hot has carved a niche with its debut range of hair products designed specifically for those with white or greying hair

UK hair care brand White Hot has found a niche in the C&T industry, encouraging mature consumers to embrace the ageing process and its effect on hair colour, as Chris McLeod reports

The ageing populations of developed countries continue to become more widespread and prolific, as 20th century baby boomers move upwards in age. When combining this demographic trend with the increased want and need in society to look flawless at every stage in life, the C&T industry has seen more of an emphasis placed on products for mature consumers.

Aiding companies that are focusing on these sorts of products – notably those for skin and hair – is the fact that, as skin and hair ages, it loses strength, moisture and homogeneous pigmentation. Most products that claim to address these issues can be recommended for use at any age, helping to slow the ageing process by plumping wrinkles or colouring the hair. However, underlying these products is the message that ageing is not something to be embraced; consumers are encouraged to use products to make them ‘look and feel better’.

Changing attitudes

One company that rebukes this notion both in product efficacy and company attitude is UK based hair care company, White Hot, founded by Jayne Mayled, whose personal story has led to the formation of the range. She tells ECM: “White Hot is a brand born out of my personal experience of embracing my natural grey hair colour, the surge of conversation and controversy that followed, and my search for products that were effective, gorgeous to use and, most importantly, felt positive and uplifting from a brand personality perspective.”


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