Where to find scent inspiration when in a creative rut


With an intangible nature, fragrances are complex to understand, let alone create. So how can perfumers continue to innovate when inspiration runs low?

Nancy Meiland is the founder of Nancy Meiland Parfums and reveals where she draws inspiration from when designing new fragrances

Nancy Meiland

Nancy Meiland

I’ve been quoted as saying that I am ‘magically drawn to the creation of scent’ – and I think that accurately sums up for me how much the process of seeking, defining and creating a new scent is a delicate balance of art, alchemy, people and places.

It may sound strange for a parfumier to say, but fragrance is so much more that what you can smell!

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My life has been equally split between the countryside and being in town and I derive inspiration from wherever I am – sometimes in the least expected places.


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