Weleda rolls out Jardin de Vie fragrance range


Weleda is in the process of rolling out its first fragrance range, Jardin de Vie. The new launch is not Weleda's first experience in fragrance however; the brand launched a Lavender Water in 1932 and an Eau de Cologne in 1933, which were both discontinued over time.

The three new scents, Rose, Agrume and Grenade, are said to fall under a new fragrance category created by Weleda, eaux naturelles parfumées. The sprays are said to be lighter than a traditional edt and more akin in strength to an edc.

Rose is a floral scent with rose, geranium and ylang ylang blossom; Joy comprises notes of seea buckthorn, grapefruit, mandarin and sandalwood; finally Grenade carries scents of organge, oriental davana and vanilla.

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Commercial Director Jayn Sterland said: "As humans we have an inner affinity to natural scents and we react or respond particularly well to them. Natural essential oils are not dead or inert materials – they have a multi-layered vitality and complexity, and can have a more intense impact on our emotions and affect us in a much more holistic manner, due to their sophisticated composition. They trigger a completely different response to artificial scents."