Webinar on-demand: How to create a holistic influencer strategy with Dash Hudson


There is a time and place for influencer marketing, but beauty brands need not forget the importance of utilising user-generated content in their visual marketing strategy. Producing and curating content that is highly engaging to your audience is the benchmark of success in organic social

It has become a rarity in the beauty industry to see any digital campaign launch without an influencer marketing strategy in place.

Many social marketers have felt that in order to see reach and engagement grow, they need to incorporate more paid social initiatives into their strategy to keep pace with their competitors.

Join Elise Ngobi, Senior Manager of Brand Strategy (UK) at Dash Hudson and Sarah Parsons, Features Editor at Cosmetics Business, as they alleviate brands’ #sponsoredpost fatigue and provide tactical best practices brands can implement immediately, to see ROI from both paid influencer, and organic engagement strategies.

What you’ll learn:

- How to find organic brand fans to spark new relationships through UGC discovery.

Chances are, your customers are already talking about your brand on Instagram.

But who has the time to watch notifications all day and then trawl through and organise all of that UGC? We will show you how you can have the best UGC at your fingertips, and how to source real fans who care.

- Tactics and tools for determining if an influencer is the right fit for your brand.

What metrics matter when it comes to brand fit? How engaged is their audience? Are their followers real?

There are so many questions facing brands when they embark on an influencer strategy. We will show you actionable ways that you and your team can assess influencers, brand fit, and make educated decisions on who to partner with, who to gift, and who to walk away from.

- How to identify which types of content work for your brand.

Now that you have all the best content and partnerships nailed, it’s time to get strategic.

We know that beauty brands have a tremendous amount of content, but only a few opportunities a day to put the right image out there.

So how can you be confident that the content you’re sharing is going to have the best possible impact on the day? We’ve got the answer, and it’s visual intelligence.

- The best ways to measure ROI from influencer campaigns.

For marketers, reporting is everything. Tracking influencers brings new challenges to attribution and demonstrating ROI.

We’ll show you how to ensure you have eyes on the right numbers and the best tracking in place, making reporting a breeze.

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