Vetroplas shows its metal with new aluminium and foamer combination

Published: 2-Aug-2023

With brands constantly searching for packaging which combines aesthetics, functionality and sustainability Vetroplas has joined with its Spanish partner, Envases to offer a light and durable wide necked aluminium bottle designed to accommodate standard foam pumps

The aim was to produce a flush fitting pack with a 43 mm foam pump, creating a streamlined profile which will be marketed as ‘50 43FOAM’. Offered in addition to the ‘66 43FOAM’ (66 mm neck) Vetroplas can now provide aluminium foamer bottles with a choice of neck and a range of sizes between 125 ml and 750 ml.

Foam pumps enable optimum dispensing of creamy, rich and propellant free formulations, making them suitable for a wide range of products including facial cleansers, hand sanitisers, hand soap, body wash, shower foam, hair shampoo and conditioner, hair colour, self-tan and other sun care products.

Aluminium is becoming increasingly popular for its stylish, contemporary look and its ability to be 100% and infinitely recycled in line with consumer expectation and preference. Furthermore, bottles can also be produced in recycled (PCR and PIR) aluminium. The pumps can be detached and the bottles fully recycled.

Bottles can be individualised with a range of distinctive finishes achieved by offset printing, hot stamping and integrated silk-screen printing. The latter uses new exclusive technology to enable spot varnishing, haptic effects and gloss stamping over a matte finish.

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