Two new patents granted for Sabinsa Cosmetics

Sabinsa Cosmetics, a division of Sabinsa Corporation, has been granted two new patents on novel cosmetic compositions, both developed from extensive research on combinations of the companies branded ingredients.

These most recent patents are likely to fuel the company’s rapid growth in the cosmetic industry given the high demand for sunscreen lotions and hair growth formulations.

United States patent US 9498423 describes a synergistic composition, comprised of Saberry, Cococin, and Selenopeptides, for maintaining the morphology and numbers of the dermal papilla cells when exposed to stress signals.

This composition has also been patented in Europe (EP2695603), Japan (JP6064274), New Zealand (NZ600307) and Russia (RU2606752).

Sabinsa’s cosmetic division has also received a patent in Europe (EP2461786) for a composition comprising of Saberry and Cococin for promoting hair growth.

This composition also protects dermal papilla cells from UV rays. The invention has previously been granted a patent in Australia (AU2010326651).

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