The new Sleek MakeUp manifesto: My Face. My Rules.

The colour cosmetics brand is promising to stand up against make-up shaming and beauty stereotypes with a new manifesto

Sleek MakeUp has published a new manifesto in which it promises to represent all ‘make-up junkies’ especially those ignored by the beauty industry.

The pledge supports the brand’s new My Face. My Rules. campaign, which aims to tackle make-up shaming on a global level.

The campaign features a series of images of Sleek MakeUp consumers who were cast via social media and represent the everyday experiences of women and their relationship to make-up.

So what exactly is Sleek pledging?

The Sleek MakeUp Manifesto:

• We will be truly representative of all makeup junkies, especially those often ignored in the beauty industry
• We will stand up to makeup shaming and support our consumers in their passion for makeup
• We will continue to showcase our consumers and their amazing looks and skills in our campaigns, in the way they want to be seen
• We will be brave and bold in challenging beauty industry norms

Make-up shaming: The true extent

Sleek MakeUp teamed up with anti-bullying charity Ditch The Label to commission a survey into make-up shaming.

The survey revealed that 75% of people think women look better with no or less make-up, while more than 25% say they have felt judged for wearing make-up.

Meanwhile, 36% think people wear make-up to hide themselves.

Liam Hackett, founder and CEO of Ditch The Label, said: “We hope that this research will contribute to the growing discussion against make-up shaming and will bring us a step closer to our vision of a world that is fair, equal and free from all type of bullying.”