The new Sigma 300ml standard from M&H Plastics


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Offering a strong presence on the retail shelf, the new Sigma 300ml bottle (Ref: 5C09 in HDPE/PP) from M&H Plastics is now available. With a large area for labelling and decoration and a 28mm neck, the bottle is suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial uses. This new Sigma 300ml adds to an extensive family from 100ml to 1000ml and a 150g Talc version.

  • 100ml – 5377 in HDPE/PP
  • 150g Talc – 5447 in HDPE/PP with Rotex closure
  • 200ml – 5378 in HDPE/PP
  • 300ml – 5C09 in HDPE/PP
  • 500ml – 2096 in PVC/PCTG/PETG
  • 1000ml – 2138 in PVC