Berry Global to merge M&H and PET Power businesses into pan-European operation

By Julia Wray | Published: 11-Aug-2023

The packaging group will relaunch its combined businesses as Berry Agile Solutions, offering short lead times and low MOQs

Packaging giant Berry Global is combining its existing M&H and PET Power businesses into a new Europe-wide operation.

Called Berry Agile Solutions, the new business promises short lead times and low minimum order quantities (MOQs), including multi-product orders.

According to Berry Global, the move will enable customers of all sizes to have fast access to packaging solutions.

It comes amid a general move within the beauty supply industry to accommodate the needs of smaller indie brands.

“The launch of Berry Agile Solutions will enable companies with new product trials and smaller businesses to bring their new products and innovations quickly to market,” commented the business’ Product Line Director, Joe Horton.

“We have the agility and responsiveness to be able to devise and quickly turnaround effective solutions, with customers benefitting from both the design and technical expertise of the Berry Global organisation and our in-depth market knowledge of key end markets.

“Equally important, we can also support them in meeting legislative requirements such as the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.”

Berry Global said the company’s in-house experts would work with customers to understand their requirements, identify relevant options and help them make the final selection.

The service allows packs to be fully personalised to individual customer and product requirements, and to meet specific marketing and branding objectives.

Its portfolio will also include products from Berry’s B Circular range, which feature enhancements such as the incorporation of recycled content, monomaterial packs, and designs for refill and reuse, to help brand owners meet sustainability goals.

In addition, Berry Agile Solutions can supply a range of ancillary items, such as closures and dispensers.

UK plastics business M&H joined the Berry Global portfolio in 2019 as part of the latter’s purchase of RPC Group, which acquired M&H six years earlier in 2013.

RPC bought Dutch company PET Power in 2015 to grow its presence in the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) segment, which likewise became part of Berry Global following the 2019 acquisition.

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