The future of skincare just got personal

Published: 8-Mar-2022

Skin Trust Club announces new era in skincare

Skin Trust Club, powered by Labskin, a division of DeepVerge (AIM: DVRG) is excited to announce the next era in skincare. By empowering customers with the knowledge of their exact skin type, Skin Trust Club, enables them to choose the most effective skincare routines. Achieved through testing a person’s unique skin microbiome with results accessed through its tracking app – anyone can now confidently purchase skincare products that are right for their skin, saving thousands of pounds over the years.

No two people have the exact same microbiome, and it can reveal quite a lot; a person’s age, habits, health, even if they have a pet and what it is (dog, cat, etc). With this ground-breaking new app, and world’s first at home skin microbiome test, Skin Trust Club can analyse a person’s microbiome to assess their skin health and appearance and recommend a skin routine tailored to their needs.

The Skin Trust Club app takes advantage of the correlation between the skin microbiome and skin health. The technology works by identifying the ecological composition of all bacteria living in the skin and then combining that data with a number of metadata points such as, health, diet and medications. Finally, the app captures environmental data, UV index as well as pollution levels in real-time and adds it as an additional layer of information. Using these combined datasets, the unique algorithms allow them to assess skin health and recommend a truly personalised skin care routine tailored to their skin needs.

Skin Trust Club personalised process:

  • Take a skin microbiome sample with a simple at home testing kit
  • Sync the microbiome testing kit with the app
  • Personalised reports are sent back to the app where you receive a unique skin microbiome score which is calculated based on the results of the swab and hyperlocation/environmental data from the app.
  • Receive recommendations of tailored skincare routines that are based on the results and delivered via the app.
  • Repeat every 3 months to track skin health.

Fin Murray MD at Labskin commented: “For the first time ever, Skin Trust Club members take full control of their skin’s health. We provide personalised skin care suggestions for daily routines based on their unique skin microbiome. The products we recommend are cruelty-free and have been scientifically tested on laboratory grown human skin or analysed by Labskin scientists. Genetic test results from Skin Trust Club members own skin microbiome have clearly demonstrated both physical and scientific improvements, which help our customers get to know their skin better so they can look and feel their very best. “The industry is realising that with Skin Trust Club, the Holy Grail of personalised beauty and skincare is here. We are seeing more leading brands signing up to our service, as we give them access to new routes to market, new revenue streams and access to thousands of potential new customers. Our specialists only recommend skincare brands that demonstrate proven results. They know which ingredients work best to help keep your skin healthy. Skin Trust Club is a brand champion that focuses on giving recommendations on products whose claims are backed by science, regardless of who produces them.”

Skin Trust Club is powered by Labskin, which is a world leading platform that has been producing lab grown human skin for 15 years and using it to test cosmetic and skin health products for the world’s leading brands. Labskin is a 3D human skin equivalent that incorporates vital biological components to model normal skin function. It provides a viable in-vitro alternative to animal testing and ending needless animal testing is at the core of the Labskin mission.

As a result of more than 15 years experience in the Microbiome space, Labskin has established strong credentials to take a lead in the journey to personalisation. From a technology perspective, the team is well versed in AI and has been working in that space for a number of years. They have developed proprietary software that is secure and compliant. In addition they also have a highly scalable and robust Genome Seq. Database with labs in the UK, Ireland as well as a US lab based in Delaware.

To try this new ground-breaking service for yourself, Skin Trust Club are offering new customers a free microbiome test, so they can see the benefits themselves. To get the free kit, click this link and follow the instructions

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