The cult hair care range by award-winning brand Hair Gain


Hair Gain are famed for making a difference to the lives of thousands of women who suffer with hair loss and thinning hair with their range of vegan supplements and topicals - powered by key phytonutrient AnaGain™ - which is derived from the mighty organic pea shoot

The cult hair care range by award-winning brand Hair Gain

Hair Gain Founder, Lucy Palmer tells us:

“We know how good Hair Gain is and we love hearing all the wonderful feedback from our thousands of happy customers. It brings us so much joy to see women with their hair and confidence restored knowing that Hair Gain has helped. We hear from so many women around the world who tell us that Hair Gain is the only product that has truly helped them, some who have spent years suffering from hair loss and lots of money on different products to try and restore it. Nothing beats knowing that we have given them their hair and confidence back.”

The cult hair care range by award-winning brand Hair Gain

The Hair Gain range is being recognised by a growing number of hair and beauty industry experts too with the brand winning a clutch of awards and shortlist accolades in the last year.

Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022

Hair Gain have recently been announced as the finalists for not one but two awards in our Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022 - with their hair gummies reaching the finals for Best New Hair Supplement - and their Nourishing Miracle Treatment Hair Mask a finalist in the Best New Hair Product Category.

Hair Gain Hair Gummies

The Hair Gain Hair Gummies have recently won coveted awards from the likes of women&home, Bambini and Hair Magazine. Not surprising, given they are simply the tastiest way you can care for your hair! Formulated with a natural apple & berry flavour and backed by trichologists, two gummies every day will help promote growth, thickness and strength from the inside. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and aminos, the formula is 100% natural, and 100% delicious.

“These contain great ingredients to help hair growth over time” – Jennie Roberts, hairstylist and Woman & Home 2021 Beauty Award panellist.

Winner - Best Hair Supplement⁠ - Hair Magazine Hair Awards 2022
Winner - Best Hair Loss Product - Hair Magazine Hair Awards 2022
Winner – Best For Hair – Woman & Home 2021 Beauty Awards 
Gold Winner – Mums Best Hair Growth Product – 2021 Bambini Baby Awards

Hair Gain Hair Mask 

The Hair Gain Hair Mask is the newest addition to the Hair Gain hair range. It’s scientifically formulated with AnaGain™, Panthenol, Phytantriol and Natural Betaine to revitalise and stimulate your scalp while hydrating and nourishing your hair from the root to the tip. Designed to help promote fuller and thicker hair, it’s 100% vegan and is free of alcohol, sulphates, silicon’s and parabens.

Launched last Summer, the hair mask has already won awards from the likes of Cosmo and Get The Gloss.

“... the incredible formula will strengthen and nourish from root to tip.” – The Cosmopolitan Beauty Team

Winner – Best Light Hair Mask – 2021 Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards
Silver Winner – Scalp Care Hero – Get The Gloss Beauty & Wellness Awards 2021 

Hair Gain Capsules

Hair Gain Capsules was the first supplement Hair Gain introduced to the market. Like the gummies, the capsules are powered by the phytonutrient AnaGain™ and are the highest clinically dosed product in the range. Formulated with key hair health vitamins and minerals such as biotin, selenium, MSM, bamboo shoot and zinc, Hair Gain Capsules also help to boost the health of skin and nails. 

Bronze Winner - Mums Best Hair Growth Product – 2021 Bambini Baby Awards

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