The colour trends for cosmetics in autumn and winter 2024/2025!

Published: 12-Jul-2023

The colour experts for cosmetics at ECKART are once again daring to look two years ahead - and present the latest trend colours for the autumn and winter seasons 2024 and 2025

This article is sponsored by Eckart. 

Three trend colour themes "Beautiful Days" "Believe in Yourself" and "Better Together" provide cosmetics customers with inspiration and ready-to-use formulations.

The popular "ECKART Trend Colors for Cosmetics" offer real added value to the cosmetics industry: they support the creative process of contract manufacturers as well as that of the brand owners themselves.

"We deliver our trend colour service including the finished formulations so that our customers can implement the colour concepts immediately and easily," explain trend experts Paloma Moya del Valle, Global Head of Cosmetics, and Andrea Wolfring, Cosmetics Lab Technician at ECKART.

Their colour trend concepts for autumn and winter 2024/25, which have just been elaborated, are called "Beautiful Days" "Believe in Yourself" and "Better Together"

"Beautiful Days" celebrates autumn in all its colourful facets: The formulations are dominated by SYNCRYSTAL Supernova pigments, which depict the versatile season with its vibrant colours. The eyeshadow gel formulations with PURABYK-R 5510 in strong violet and gold guarantee a good mood, no matter how stormy the autumn weather turns out to be. The brilliant nail varnishes in berry, marsala and red tones with SYNCRYSTAL, VISIONAIRE and SILVERDREAM present themselves as ideal companions.

Green is the colour of hope, harmony, stability and vitality. Green has a calming and natural effect, an emotionally positive colour. This is also reflected in our new trend colour theme "Believe in Yourself" "The evergreen green is a charming combination partner for our newcomer, SYNCRYSTAL Soft Ivory," says Wolfring.

This apricot pigment combines a subtle glow with a trendy nude shade. Green tones such as sage, emerald or olive become real eye-catchers with the silky nude colours of the nail polish, creamy eyeshadow and luminizer. The TIXOGEL Mastergels are ideal for these waterless beauty applications.

The colour concept "Better Together" consists of a winter collection with the extraordinary effect pigments SYNCRYSTAL Rose Opal and MIRAGE Holo Magic. “Better together" is all about time - the most precious resource you have and should spend with your loved ones. The stars of this theme are the pressed eyeshadows with CLAYTONE-VP V XR, which, thanks to their soft texture and interference effects, create a perfectly coordinated trio for a winter look.

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