‘The artist in me wanted to create something unique’: James Charles reveals Painted make-up launch details

By Austyn King | Published: 31-Jul-2023

The former Morphe collaborator’s range is launching with ten multi-use paints, make-up brushes and a blending sponge

Beauty influencer James Charles has revealed the full product and launch details of his debut make-up brand Painted, launching next month.

Charles initially teased the range back in April, posting a video that showed him in a painter’s studio, painting a brightly coloured abstract make-up look on a model’s face.

The former Morphe collaborator has now revealed his brand’s hero product: Create Paints, a multi-use cream-to-matte formula that Charles said can be used to create a variety of different looks.

“With there being so many brands out there, the artist in me really wanted to create something unique and special and not just slap my name on something,” said Charles in the video, explaining the inspiration behind the brand.

As he created more make-up looks over the years, using more products, “I realised that I didn’t have the one product that could truly do everything I was looking for.”

“I wanted to release a make-up line with multi-use products… that artists of all different skill levels could use.”

The paints (US$15 each) will come in ten shades, which Charles demonstrated by showing swatches on his arm.

These include Left On Red, a rich red colour; Flaming, a bright orange that Charles claimed “really pops on the eyes”; Caution, a bright yellow said to look good on every skin tone; and bright green SMS.

Also included is Blueprint, a “light true blue” which Charles highlighted as his personal favourite in the collection; Turning Violet, a medium-toned purple; and Pinky Promise, a bubblegum pink said to melt into cheeks that can also be used as a lip colour.

There is also Cold Brew, a neutral, warm brown that Charles predicted “is probably going to be our bestseller” and is said to be ideal for natural looks such as ‘clean girl’ make-up.

He described black shade Ink meanwhile as “the eyeliner of your dreams” that was also used by Beyoncé’s make-up artist for the singer’s latest tour, according to Charles.

Finally, there is Ghosted, a bright white that can also be mixed with the other paints in the collection to create new shades.

“The possibilities are literally endless,” added Charles.

Also available is a six-piece make-up brush set ($8 each or $40 for the set) and a blending sponge ($10).

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Charles also addressed criticism that his brand had taken “way too long” to come out in the video.

He explained that the launch was delayed because of a change in manufacturer due to cost issues, which Charles said would have made him unable to sell the products at the “super affordable” price point he wanted.

“My mindset has always been [that] if it wasn’t right, I am not putting it out.”

Charles rose to fame in 2016 posting make-up tutorials on YouTube and has gone on to become TikTok’s highest earning beauty influencer, landing deals with the likes of Morphe and CoverGirl.

However, the star faced controversy when he admitted to sending explicit messages to 16-year-old boys in 2021, which saw Charles’ YouTube channel demonetised.

Charles will be sharing tutorials on how to use the products as well as behind the scenes content in the coming weeks via his social media platforms.

The Painted collection will be available from 7 August from the brand’s website painted.co.

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