‘The Infinity Series’ by APG now fully recognised for recyclability by the leading voice in plastic recycling

Published: 7-Sep-2023

APG, a global leader in the cosmetic and beauty packaging industry, is urging companies to consider the full lifecycle impact of their packaging solutions

The company is specifically urging beauty brands to assess the environmental consequences of their products from start to finish, encompassing the stages of sourcing, manufacturing, and eventual disposal.

APG is committed to encouraging sustainability in the beauty and cosmetic industry. As a company, they have already taken steps to reduce their environmental impact by introducing eco-friendly, fully recyclable dispensers to their product line and improving their sustainable packaging solution range.

The Infinity Series, recently recognised by APR for recyclability, is a full line of dispensers that was designed with the consumer in mind. Each dispenser is fully customisable and can be used for a variety of different product applications.

The Infinity Series Includes:

  • Infinity Lotion Pump
  • Infinity Airless Pump
  • Infinity Dropper
  • Infinity Mono Lotion Pump (Series 2)
  • Infinity Treatment Pump
  • Infinity Foamer
  • Infinity Mini Trigger
  • Infinity Fine Mist Sprayer
  • Infinity Trigger Sprayer

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