The Delfin MoistureMeterSC: Accurate and sensitive for skin surface hydration measurements


The capacitive measurement principle makes skin hydration measurements extremely sensitive and reproducible

The MoistureMeterSC is a practical and accurate device for the measurements of skin surface hydration in the stratum corneum, utilizing the layered capacitive structure of the skin to determine the stratum corneum’s hydration.

The capacitive measurement principle, accompanied by the built-in pressure sensor, makes skin hydration measurements extremely sensitive and reproducible.

Skin surface hydration depends on both the moisture held in the stratum corneum and the thickness of the stratum corneum’s dry layer. Since the thickness of the stratum corneum varies by body area, as does the thickness of the stratum corneum’s dry layer, it is important to take both of these variables into account.

The measurement depth of the MoistureMeterSC varies and is determined by the thickness of the stratum corneum's dry layer. The probe and the highly conductive epidermal layer form the capacitor plates and the dry layer of the stratum corneum acts as an insulator.

The MoistureMeterSC utilizes a precise (1.25 MHz) electromagnetic field to measure the skin’s dielectric constant.

Benefits of the MoistureMeterSC:

  • Wireless and extremely practical to use
  • Non-sensitive to electrolytes
  • Takes into account the thickness of the stratum corneum’s dry layer
  • Built-in pressure sensor
  • Fast and easy measurements.

The measurement of skin hydration at stratum corneum is one of the most measured properties of skin. The MoistureMeterSC is widely used by personal care and pharmaceutical companies around the world for wide range of applications and research studies.

Applications for the MoistureMeterSC:

  • Claims validation work and efficacy testing
  • Personal care R&D
  • Evaluation of skin care and treatments
  • Skin research studies
  • In-house testing.

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