Texen creates premium packaging for Carven fragrance collection

By Austyn King 13-Feb-2018

The French packaging company has developed an elegant zamak cap to meet the luxury fragrance brand's high end requirements

Texen, the French packaging company, has created the cap for niche fragrance brand Carven's latest collection with a premium design.

Inspired by founder Madame Carven's favourite cities, the Collection Carven comprises seven fragrances: Paris-Seville, Paris-Florence, Paris-Bangalore, Paris-Sao Paulo, Paris-Izmir, Paris-Manille and Paris Mascate.

The scents are packaged in a bottle originally designed in 1947 and a cardboard case said to pay tribute to Madame Carven's dress designs for air hostesses.

To complement the elegant feel, Texen created a cap made from zamak, which the company chose for its weight and prestige look.

The cap is finished off with a slow surface treatment and polished to achieve clean lines and precise corners, before being galvanised to create its golden hue.

A PP insert is used to hold the cap in place on the bottle, and the cap is finished off with a golden cord.

In order to meet the luxury brand's criteria, Texen drew on the expertise of its network of partner suppliers to create the hand-woven cord in the same golden shade as the metal.

After being validated by Carven itself, the golden cords were assembled onto the lower part of the cap in Texen's factories.

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The overall effect creates a high quality finish that gives the packaging a premium image worthy of the prestige fragrance collection, according to Texen.