Sytheon obtains new US Patent on Synoxyl AZ (Acetyl Zingerone)

Published: 25-Nov-2020

Sytheon inventors have discovered that the ingredient also helps manage skin pigmentation

Sytheon inventors have discovered that Synoxyl AZ (Acetyl Zingerone) functions not only as a highly effective and unique non-sacrificial antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ageing ingredient, but that it also helps manage skin pigmentation by modulating three distinct non-tyrosinase pathways.

Assigned to Sytheon, U.​S. Patent 10,828,241 discloses, “Skin lightening compositions and methods.”

This invention relates to skin lightening/even toning compositions for lightening normal and/or hyper-pigmented skin comprising:

(i) one or more aryl alkanones (i.e., Acetyl Zingerone), (ii) optionally, at least one other skin lightening agent, and (iii) a dermatologically acceptable carrier.

Additionally, the present invention relates to the use of these compositions and their method of use to enhance skin lightening, even-out skin’s natural colour tones or treat areas of skin darkening or hyperpigmentation like melasma that result from exposure to the sun, other environmental stressors or lasers and light-based therapies; from medical conditions such as acne that cause scar-induced hyperpigmentation; or from normal skin ageing that gives rise to age spots, liver spots and freckles.

Moreover, Acetyl Zingerone can be combined with Synovea HR (Hexylresorcinol) to make it even more effective in managing and controlling skin pigmentation due to non-overlapping mechanistic pathways.

Synoxyl AZ thus provides a translational step forward towards development of a more efficacious molecule to treat or prevent the consequences of intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging as well as to manage areas of hyperpigmentation in skin.

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