Swallowfield provides fresh inspiration for dry shampoos


Why dry shampoos have been such a success story and how the category is evolving?

Swallowfield provides fresh inspiration for dry shampoos

When retro brands re-entered the modern market a decade ago, dry shampoo became an instant hair care game-changer.

Challenging the idea that the only way to style was to start from scratch with a time-consuming wet shampoo, hair powders quickly gained a legion of time-pressed fans, who'd found a solution to quick and ready hair in minutes.

However, users quickly demanded improvements on their 30-year-old formula. This has resulted in a change in the global dry shampoo market, with manufacturers and brands striving for better solutions to the demands of modern styling.

Grease Begone!

Interestingly, dry shampoos are no modern miracle; some evidence has ...

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