Susanne Kaufmann first company to use Alpla’s lightweight plastic refill tech

Published: 5-Feb-2021

The Simple One is a refill pack comprising 75% recycled HDPE that is 60% lighter than standard HDPE bottles

Holistic skin and body care brand Susanne Kaufmann has become the first company to use The Simple One, a lightweight plastic refill bottle developed by Austrian packaging group Alpla.

The new 250ml refills will debut with three of Susanne Kaufmann’s bestsellers: Cleansing Gel, Hand Soap and Shower Shampoo.

The refill pack comprises 75% recycled high density polyethylene (rHDPE) and both the rHDPE pack and the FSC certified paper sleeve wrapping the refill are fully recyclable.

The packs will provide a more sustainable alternative for consumers who’ve previously purchased the Cleansing Gel, Hand Soap and Shower Shampoo in the glass bottles the brand is well known for.

The Alpla refills are up to 60% lighter than standard HDPE bottles and therefore offer CO2 emissions reduction during production, transport and the post-consumer recycling process.

Versus the original packaging, carbon emissions are down by 69%.

“The Bregenzerwald region of Austria has been home to my family for over five generations and it’s where I launched the Susanne Kaufmann brand 17 years ago,” said founder Kaufmann.

“Having grown up surrounded by such incredible natural beauty, environmental sustainability and protecting the earth’s precious resources have always been a passion of mine.

“Sustainability has been a central focus of the Susanne Kaufmann brand since its inception.”

She adds: “The refill project has been a labour of love for the past few years. I’m excited for Susanne Kaufmann to be the first brand to offer this innovative new packaging solution by Alpla.

“The refills will extend the lifecycle of our iconic glass bottles and assist our customers in making more sustainable choices, while supporting our own sustainability journey.”

“We are pleased that Susanne Kaufmann has chosen to launch the brand’s recycling program with Alpla’s new sustainable packaging solution,” commented Christian Zmölnig, Director of Corporate Research, Development and Innovation at Alpla.

“The innovative new and fully recyclable packaging reduces the use of virgin plastic, is far lighter to transport than glass and extends the life cycle of Susanne Kaufmann’s iconic glass bottles.

“The choice of the Alpla refill packaging is a clear statement for the responsible use of resources”.

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