Substantiate your Claims: A Worldwide Overview of the Testing Labs

Published: 8-Sep-2021

In 5 years, Skinobs has become the reference platforms for the sourcing of preclinical and clinical tests in cosmetics: a glance at the key claims.

Since February 2016, Skinobs facilitates the activity of cosmeticians by allowing them to identify and contact the most qualified laboratories, quickly and free of charge, to carry out their preclinical and clinical tests, thanks to 2 friendly platforms, with menu and filters.

It is a precious resource at a time when objectifying claims is an obligation.

A Unique tool

Via the clinical testing platform - 183 Claims, 365 Methods, 125 testingLaboratories - cosmeticians select the relevant methods to support their claims for active ingredients, finished products or medical devices: tolerance tests, consumer tests, sensory analysis, efficacy tests on the skin, hair or nails.

It registered 3,800 users at the end of 2020.

A complete overview on in-vitro testing

Via the preclinical testing platform - 570 methods, 44 mechanisms of action, 151 testing laboratories - cosmeticians access to different categories of tests (analytical tests, ecotoxicity and biodegradability tests, container-content interaction, safety tests, efficacy tests and UV tests, etc.), claims (anti-aging, anti-pollution ...) and test support (cell cultures, 3D skin models etc.)

Launched in June 2020, it had acquired 1100 users by the end of August 2021.

Testing trends dedicated to the Beauty industry

Skinobs also offers a news feed dedicated to the field of testing, trends, and technological advances for ingredients and finished products.

It is an unprecedented database for cosmeticians as evidenced by the consultation of publications on the site and the receptivity to regular Skinobs publications: Zoom, Focus and the E-Newsletter.

An international reference for testing

In 5 years, Skinobs has become an international reference in the sourcing of preclinical and clinical tests. 2020 was a particularly significant year, with 41,585 pages viewed, 6,700 login sessions and 5,500 articles read per month.

In 2021, users came from 85 different countries. This increase echoes the crucial and major place that testing occupies at each step of a product’ development.

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