Strand Cosmetics Europe unveils 50 shades of make-up for autumn


The professional make-up collection is in line with trends for 2018-2019

STRAND COSMETICS EUROPE is offering a professional and sophisticated makeup autumn collection, made of plenty of shades, from the most natural to the most rock, in line with the trends 2018-2019.

The complexion remains in the spotlight and has a large range of solutions for a flawless appearance, thanks to the wide choice of shades, close to the grain of the skin: three qualitative, technical, effective and comfortable formulas, to cover, conceal and care the skin and unify the complexion.

  • HOLLYWOOD COMPLEXION: High coverage and intense colour (35% pure pigments). 8 shades. Tube positop 30 ml CTL.
  • FANTASTIC CONCEALER: cover dark circles and care wrinkles, anti-pufisness (20% pigments, hyaluronic acid). 8 shades. Bottle 4,1 ml Brigitte LUMSON.
  • GOLDENAGE FOUNDATION: moisturises, protects skin and care wrinkles. Pore refiner. moisturizes, protects skin, care wrinkles and improves skin firmness. Pore refiner. (Safran powder0,5%, Passion flower extract, Vitamin E). Bottle 4.1ml Brigitte LUMSON.

Lips are adorned with CHECKMATT LIPS, a creamy liquid formula that applies like a gloss and leaves a intense colored film (12% pure pigments). Matte effect, long-lasting and comfortable. Bottle porto cervo and applicator AP301 PIBIPLAST.

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Eyes are covered with metallic glitter and get deeper with PRECIOUS EYE DRESS, a pearlescent (20% pure pearls) and long-lasting liquid eye shadow. Bottle 4.1ml Brigitte LUMSON.