Storybook Cosmetics says tapping into ‘fandom’ boosted its popularity

By Lucy Tandon Copp 22-Feb-2017

Cosmetics Business catches up with the creator of the Wizard Wand make-up brushes

The definition of an overnight success story, Storybook Cosmetics became a viral brand after it revealed its debut range of make-up brushes in the style of wizard’s wands.

Now with news of a new Beauty and the Beast-inspired range featuring green-stemmed make-up brushes with rose shaped bristles, hype has once again been circulating on social.

Speaking to Cosmetics Business about the success of its brand to date, founding sisters Missy Maynard, Erin Maynard and Mandy Maynard said that they believe their brushes have been so popular because they tap into the ‘fandom’ world.

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The identical triplets from Omaha, Nebraska, said: “Being fangirls we were waiting for the day for someone to make...

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