St Tropez removes 'biscuit smell' from fake tan

Brand develops new product fragrance with Givaudan

St Tropez has found a way to remove the distinctive 'biscuity' smell commonly associated with tanning products.

The odour is caused by the presence of of DHA and the chemical reaction that occurs when it comes into contact with the skin. The 3-carbon sugars react with amino acids found on the skin, creating a darkening effect on the top layer of cells in the epidermis and releasing the familiar 'fake tan smell'. Consumers often describe it as smelling like biscuits, and the cloying scent can deter people from using sunless tanners.

Working with Givaudan, St Tropez has found a way to counteract this with a new fragrance said to mask the aroma of DHA. The updated scent is said to include notes of bergamot, green apple, lavendar, rose, jasmine, tuberose, musk and wood. The combination is thought to give users a mood-boost, helping to make the self-tanning experience at more positive one.

Givaudan explained: “With this brief our creation team had to not only capture the positive feelings of holidays and the confidence that people associate with glowing skin, but also the sophistication of the St Tropez brand. Working with a complex base meant we had to combine the skills of creative perfumery with science and research, to deliver a fragrance that would enhance the self tan experience for consumers.”

The scent is said to work alongside the scent of the DHA reaction, rather than against it to further disguise it and make it virtually undetectable by the human nose.

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